Topsoil - 3/4" screen
Canadian Red
Red Devil
Black Beauty
Drainage Stone Limestone
HL Stone
Granular A  Sand/Gravel
Granular A - Limestone
Concrete Sand
Mason Sand
Play Sand
3/4" Red Brick
1/2" Red Brick
1" Black Granite
1/2" Black Granite
1"White Marble
Pea Stone
1" Riverstone
1 -3" Riverstone
3" - 6" Riverstone
 5" - 12" Riverstone
Our Canadian Red Mulch is an all natural mulch that is made from pine trees. The material has been sterilized to minimize potential disease. As with all mulches, Canadian Red is a wonderful garden cover to help reduce weed growth and retain moisture.
Our Cedar Mulch is made from pure cedar to give that special golden look to any garden plus the added bonus of the cedar aroma. It starts as a blonde colour but can turn silver as it ages. As with all mulches, Cedar Mulch is a wonderful garden cover to help reduce weed growth and retain moisture.
Our Black Beauty Mulch is an all natural mulch that is a combination of pine and cedar trees that has been coloured with an all natural, bold black dye. As with all mulches, Black Beauty is a wonderful garden cover that helps reduce weed growth and retain moisture.
Play Sand is a clean screened sand. This sand is ideal for sand boxes and around playground equipment. This product has also become popular as a base under pool liners.
Mason Sand is a fully screened product that is a clean, stone free material. Mainly used as a binding agent when mixed with portland cement to make mortar for brick work.
Concrete Sand is for those do it yourself concrete makers that already have the stone required to make their concrete. Concrete Sand is also frequently used as sweeping sand  in between interlocking stone. This product is also good for lightening heavy, clay based soil.
1/2" Red Brick consists of red crushed brick tile that has been screened. This stone has the same vibrant red colour as the 3/4" Red Brick, but lends itself better to pathways and driveways to add that touch to your curb appeal.
3/4" Red Brick is crushed red brick tile screened to a consistent 3/4" sized clear stone. This decorative product will make any garden demand attention. This vibrant red stone can be used as ground cover that still allows water to drain through to the plants surrounding it.
1/2" black granite stone provides a shimmery ground cover that also allows drainage. Smaller in size than the 3/4", it lays flatter. Easier for walking on.
Our selection of Riverstone starts with a collection of stones that are all roughly 1" in size. This naturally smooth rock provides a natural look to any pond or waterfall. It is also useful in garden beds as a distinctive ground cover. Please note- product is not washed. May contain dirt in load.
The 3" - 6" is our medium sized stones in our family of riverstones. The smooth rock is a favourite of our pond owners as well as many professional landscapers. Please note- product is unwashed. Load will contain dirt.
Gabion stone is typically used to fill gabion baskets to maintain slopes against the effects of erosion. Gabion stone is a blasted limestone that is screened to  4"-8"  in size.
The 5"- 12" Riverstone is the largest of our riverstone here in the yard. These boulders make great ground cover for a specialty garden as well as to accessorize a pond or water feature. Please note - product is unwashed. Load will contain dirt.
Our selection of riverstone includes a 1" to 3"  stone. A naturally smooth rock gives the look of a gentle river bed in any pond or waterfall. It is also useful in garden beds as a distinctive ground cover or under windows to stop soil splash from the rain. This product is not washed, dirt in load.
Concrete Pre Mix is a specially blended product for your do it yourself concrete makers. This product consists of the necessary stone and concrete sand to be mixed with portland cement.
Concrete Pre Mix
Red Devil is a fine textured tree mulch made from pine and cedar trees that has been coloured with an all natural dye. This vibrant red mulch will make any garden stand out. As with all mulches, Red Devil is a wonderful garden cover that helps reduce weed growth and retain moisture.
HL Stone has been blasted and screened to approximately 3/8 size. This stone is most popular for driveways and paths as a decorative final coat to dress up the look of your home or cottage.
Our 3/4" Clear limestone is a blasted rock indigenous to this area. This stone is perfect as a drainage stone or as a decorative cover to set off the garden.
Darpak Drainage Stone is our version of the quarry drainage stone. This product ranges in size from 3/8" to 1". This product is great for providing drainage or for decorative purposes.
This sand and stone Granular A has been blended to meet MTO specs. It is an effective stabilizer for base course for driveways, patios and walkways. This Granular A is a combination of stones varying in size from 3/4" down to sand fines.
Granular A or 3/4" Crusher Run has been used for years by the MTO as an effective base stabilizer. A product used under all highways, Granular A is a combination of blasted stones that are 3/4" in size to limestone fines. A great base for driveways that may be paved or lockstoned.
This pea sized stone is a smooth round stone that has many uses. For those who have dived into the world of garden ponds, this stone can be used when installing water plants, or to add a natural river look to a pond liner. Pea stone is also useful for pathways, driveways and dog runs. Size 3/8 -1/2"
This 1" sparkling White Marble adds a pure, clean look to any project. It allows for drainage, and adds glamour to your ground cover.
White Screenings
White Screenings have become increasingly popular through the years as an effective base coat for driveways and under lockstone installations. These limestone fines compact hard like cement, and over time to create a firm solid base.
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High Performance Pipe Bedding is a product that is becoming popular in landscaping. This 1/8" sized limestone has the ability to provide drainage, but does not require compaction when creating a base. This product functions the same as Screenings but without the fines.
 Topsoils and Manure are screened on site 

Stones and Sticks Present
Depending on the screen size, the soil may contain varying size of sticks and stones and are more evident after heavy rainfall.

During peak growing seasons our soil has the potential of containing weed seeds blown in from surrounding area.
Our Darpak Mulch is an untreated tree mulch. This mulch can vary in colour and is generated from a variety of  local trees. This mulch works great as a utility mulch for around trees or pathways.
Darpak Mulch
Our Topsoil is a combination of clay and sand that has been fully screened through our screening plant. Our regular topsoil is screened through a 3/4" screen, and therefore can contain some stones and small sticks that fall through the screen This blend is can be used for trees or under sod/mulch.
Fine Screened Topsoil - 1/4" screen
Our fine screened topsoil is screened through a 1/4" sized screen. A topsoil base of clay and sand This creates a topsoil with smaller sized stone and sticks. This makes this soil suitable for top-dressing or using in gardens where the soil will not be covered with mulch.
Recycled Asphalt Gran A
A mix of 75% crushed asphalt and 25% granular a gravel. Ideal stabilizer for sloped driveways. Reduction in both washouts and dust. Asphalt mix binds to gravel over time to create a hard packed surface.
Drainage Stone 
Black Granite Sand shimmers in the sun to make any walkway or accent area shine and sparkle.
Black Granite Sand
This 5/8" smooth stone is a nice bridge between pea stone and 1" Riverstone. It's a colourful blend of pinks, grey's and blue's. Suitable for ponds, pathways, and ground cover. Try it in your firepit!
5/8" Riverstone
NEW - Gro- Bark GRO-MAX 
Premium Garden Soil
NEW for 2021 - Gro Bark GRO-MAX 
Premium Garden Soil - Mushroom Compost, Leaf and Yard Compost Plus Softwood Bark Fines. Screened  through a 5/8" to 1/2" Screen.
Screened Composted Manure
Screened Composted Manure that has been screened through a 3/4" inch screen. Not heated. May contain sticks and stones 3/4" or smaller.
We also distribute for True North Soils, which you can find more information about here.
Please Note: Riverstone is unwashed. Load will contain dirt. Will wash off with rain or hose
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1" Chocolate Marble
This 1" Chocolate Marble is great for adding a natural warmth to your project. The picture shows it dry and wet, displaying its natural brown shades. This is a great option for adding some drainage and coverage.
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