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Darpak inc. proudly supports True North Soils, your local resource for organic, living soils. Below is a quick look at their products, but you can also visit their website here.

To inquire about their soil or place an order, 
call (705) 441-5442 or email truenorthsoils420@gmail.com
Only the Highest Quality Ingredients

Our Flagship soil blend contains everything your plants need to get off to a great start. Our formulated recipe provides a full scope of rapid to slow release amendments to ensure your plants receive what they need when they need it. 

True North Soil utilizes a peat platform blended with rice hulls for drainage and texture. A premium blend of rich compost and worm castings are added to bring the soil to life. Its then brought all together with a finishing touch of organic amendments and a variety of mycorrhizae.
True North Blend
From $30.00 CAD
True North Seedling
From $30.00 CAD
Custom Blends